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Iron Reagan 2012 Demo 12" Record

by Iron Reagan

$12.00 / Sold Out

Here we have the first release of Iron Reagan.

This is a 12" record with 5 songs but these 5 songs WILL leave you wanting more.

Iron Reagan consists of Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour members and fans of either band will not be disappointed.

I Promise.....

Imagine sending Municipal Waste back to 1984 and all they wanted to do is to Fvck you up with punk fvcking rock, this would be it....

All the records were pressed on 190 gram vinyl so you won't confuse this with a flexi disc...........

NOTE; International to pay actual postage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"For the love of punk review"

Whoa dude. So I was like, looking for some new jams this AM and I stumbled across Iron Regan and their demo, called Demo 2012. Keeping it simple. I’m intrigued.

First things first, I scoped out who was rocking with these dudes. I noticed is that there are members of Darkest Hour.

So right away I’m loosing wood. This is probably not going to be awesome.

But then what do I see with my bloodshot eyes? Tony Foresta and Phil Hall from Municipal Waste are also in this band!

Now this just might be worth putting down my cold one for. So, I know what you are thinking, dudes, “Get to the point!! Is it any good??”

Well, let me tell you brother…. If you don’t like getting awesome, stay away from this one.

If you don’t like fast aggressive songs with titles like, “Eat Shit and Live”, then why don’t you just put this record down, go back Yogurt Land, get yourself a chocolate swirl

while you calm down. Then you can borrow that new Chris Brown record from your little sister.

Meanwhile I will be dusting off my denim vest, putting on my cleanest bandana and hitting the streets with this on full blast.

I give it four beer-bongs up.