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VAST "Stripped" 2xLP (Ltd 500) Visual Audio Sensory Theater


Here we have an acoustic version of Vast's debut album "Visual Audio Sensory Theater". This 2XLP gatefold (180gm) vinyl set is limited to only 500 copies. All the songs that were on Vast's debut are here: 1-Here 2-Touched 3-Dirty Hole 4-Pretty When You Cry 5-I'm Dying 6-Flames 7-Temptation 8-Three Doors 9-The Niles Edge 10-Somewhere Else To Be 11-Untitled 12-You.
The way you can get your hands on either a the dye or a white copy of this set is to order during the two week pre-order time period. If you're one of the first 100 orders, you will receive a Tye dye or a white copy which will be used randomly to fill the 1st 100 orders. All orders placed within the first two weeks will be shipped on January 27th.